Common goals

دعم الدور التنموي لإمارات المناطق

دعم الأمن الفكري

الأسهام في تقليل نسبة الجريمة

The digital community and partnerships develop sectors digitally by drawing strategic plans for the sector in cooperation with the relevant authorities, then supporting them in implementing programs and initiatives, working with vision fulfillment programs in developing their strategies and supporting them in implementing their initiatives, as well as building effective partnerships between the private sector and the public sector.

رفع الوعي بالمسؤولية الاجتماعية

Raising the level of provided services’ quality

تعزيز مساهمة الشركات في برامج المسؤولية الاجتماعية لتنمية المجتمع والبيئة والاقتصاد

Creating a safe and attractive work environment

Providing decent job opportunities for citizens

Expanding the sector and directing it to work in the fields of development

Enabling volunteer work

Building the capacities of entities operating in the non-profit sector and governing them

Creating an integrated system for family protection

Raising the efficiency of services and programs provided through centers, roles, and institutions

Raising the skill level of Saudis in line with the needs of the labor market

Transferring the ministry's beneficiaries from aid recipients to producers (Empowerment/Tamkeen)

Growth of the IT sector by 50%

Increasing the contribution of the communications and information technology sector to the GDP by 50 billion riyals over five years

Supporting efforts to localize technology in the Kingdom by raising the rate of localization of the workforce to 50% by the year 2023

Attracting foreign investment

Contributing to supporting the empowerment and participation of women

Upgrading the retail sector and promoting sound business practices

Supporting the improvement and upgrading of the business environment

Supporting the empowerment and stimulation of the e-commerce environment in the Kingdom

تعزيز القيم والانتماء الوطني.

Providing the opportunity for education for all in an appropriate educational environment in light of the educational policy of the Kingdom and raising the quality of its outputs

Increasing the effectiveness of scientific research

Encouraging creativity and innovation

تعزيز مشاركة ​المُجتمع في التعليم والتعلم.

Upgrading the skills and capabilities of people in education

تمكين القطاع الخاص وغير الربحي ورفع مُشاركتهم لتحسين الكفاءة الماليّة لقطاع التعليم.

Creating a single and essential entity for setting health policies, including health insurance services (such as operating the newly established Health Services Council).

Adopting a national public health strategy that focuses on the main burdens of any disease, including non-communicable diseases, nutrition, reproductive health, smoking, AIDS, accidents, and injuries.

The system should have an effective and fair method to predict risks and benefits

Working to diversify sources of revenue to effectively finance the system, provided that this includes general revenues, insurance premiums, equal costs, and allocated taxes.

Preserving the environment and natural resources and their sustainable development.

Achieving water security.

. Contributing to achieving sustainable food security.

Activating private sector participation and the role of associations and non-profit institutions.

Sustainable high-quality services and products

Achieving sustainable and balanced urban development and improving the quality of life in the Kingdom's cities and regions.

Achieving rising levels of financial self-sufficiency and high-quality, sustainable institutional performance.

Providing a local urban environment with healthy living.

. Continuous improvement by supporting cities with public facilities and high-quality and efficient infrastructure and humanization.

Contributing to raising the efficiency of projects and programs implementation

Initiating special and strategic projects and programs to fill any potential gaps in the framework of achieving Vision 2030.

Contributing to providing support for all programs to achieve Vision 2030.

Supporting the identification of the challenges associated with implementing programs for achieving Vision 2030 and seeking to address these challenges

Taking its decent position as the leading role among the advanced Arab media

Developing the media, with all its audio and visual equipment, so that cultural work goes hand in hand with the media in a way that creates integration and achieves the supreme interests of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Contributing to supporting the development of planning elements, whether human resources, financial resources, or executive and operational procedures and mechanisms according to the ministry's future aspirations

Continuing to fulfill the conditions of the endowments, restricting the beneficiaries of the endowment resources, and encouraging to direct endowments to other benign and new fields to expand the extent of their use, such as health, social, industrial, educational facilities.

Continuing to work to spread awareness of the importance of the endowment, its provisions, its legal status, and its great effects on the development of society.

Expanding investment opportunities in the endowment sector and its resources and managing returns.

Seeking to diversify the resources of the national economy

. Technology localization

Creating job opportunities for Saudi cadres

Dependence on local mineral materials

Innovating tourism solutions

Supporting the tourism field by raising the quality of the provided life services

Facilitating doing business

Opening funding horizons

. Drive growth

Capacity development

Encouraging entrepreneurship

. Providing interest-free financing and non-financial services for microenterprise, in order to encourage their owners to pursue businesses and professions on their own and for their own account, and the bank determines the classification of these projects, the upper limit of their capital, and the number of workers in them.

Providing interest-free social finance for low-income citizens to help them overcome their financial difficulties.

. Developing and nurturing the microenterprise sector to enhance its role in economic and social development.

Working to encourage savings for individuals and institutions in the Kingdom, and finding tools and programs that achieve this

Providing interest-free financing programs and non-financial services to NGOs in order to enable them to contribute to providing services to the segments that the bank targets

Contributing to raising the participation of the private sector in achieving the Kingdom's 2030 vision.

Support enabling the resolution of problems and obstacles in the initiatives of high importance in the Council

الاستفادة القصوى من ممتلكات الجامعة المادية والمعنوية من خلال نموذج المبادرة التكاملي.

تنويع مصادر التمويل للجامعة.

المساهمة في رفع مشاركة القطاع الخاص في تحقيق رؤية المملكة 2030.

دعم تمكين حل المشاكل والعقبات في المبادرات ذات الأهمية العالية في المجلس.

دعم توعية أصحاب الأعمال في برامج وأهداف الرؤية

دعم مواءمة أهداف المجلس والغرف مع الأهداف الاستراتيجية للرؤية.

Implementing programs and projects to build the capacity of civil work and strengthen it.

Proposing policies, strategic plans, and general programs that enable civil work.

Spreading the culture of civil work, raising awareness of the importance of civil institutions, their purposes and activities, and holding conferences, seminars, programs, and awareness and introductory activities in this regard.

Cooperating with the ministry in solving the problems of civil institutions.

Providing support, assistance, and advice to civil institutions, including financial and administrative consultations.

تمكين القطاع الخاص من تعزيز دوره في التمويل التنموي، والاستفادة من المواءمة والتكامل التجاري والتشغيلي لخدمة المستفيدين بشكل أفضل.

تعزيز التعاون بين الكيانات من خلال تعزيز الشراكات متعددة القطاعات والخدمات المشتركة.

التركيز على تمويل القطاع الخاص والكفاءات لدعم النمو المستدام وتنويع الاقتصاد.

التحسين المستمر للإنتاجية من خلال ضمان كفاءة وفعالية البرامج والمشاريع والمبادرات.

الثقافة كنمط حياة

الثقافة من أجل النمو الاقتصادي

الثقافة من أجل تعزيز مكانة المملكة الدولية

نشر ثقافة التطوع، وتشجيع العمل التطوعي، وتنظيمه وتمكينه، بما يحقق زيادة الفرص التطوعية وتنوعها، وزيادة عدد المتطوعين.

نشر الوعي بأهمية القطاع غير الربحي، وتحفيز المساهمة فيه بمختلف أشكالها، وإقامة المعارض والمؤتمرات والندوات ذات الصلة، والمشاركة فيها.

إجراء وتشجيع البحوث والدراسات والإحصاءات المتعلقة بالقطاع غير الربحي ونشرها، بالتنسيق والشراكة مع الجهات ذات العلاقة، وإنشاء قاعدة بيانات القطاع ومنظماته وبرامجه واحتياجاته وأولوياته.

تفعيل دور القطاع غير الربحي في تحقيق أهداف التنمية المستدامة.

تفعيل الاستثمار ذي الأثر الاجتماعي، وتحفيز المساهمة فيه.